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Deskies, or what kinds of Crud Lurks on your Desk?

Here is my deskie (like a selfie for your desk) it’s an old one. It’s usually a bigger mess than this. At the moment it has limited space and is covered in post-its. This is because I have just been busy working on projects behind the scenes. I still can’t talk too much about what is happening, other than there are more short videos to be done for The 3 Million and Drongo Films.

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Mad Max beyond the Editing Suite

The past week I have been determined to finish the Mad Max PC game. This has been no mean feat as I have been editing most nights until 3 am. This induced a severe case of brain frazzle.  I still managed it, 97% completion Woo! Well, it is a good game, and probably one of the better stories in recent games.

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Kerbal Space Program: Let’s build a Space Station!

As this is my third time starting Kerbal Space Program, I thought it might be nice to document some of the things I get up to. So let start with a Space Station. One of the fundamentals parts of a space station is the core, the part where either a computer or some hapless Kerbals sit. This is usually what I get into orbit fist. It comes with all the basics, some power, solar panels, command core, communications and many many docking ports for expansion. Sometimes it comes with said hapless Kerbal Continue reading “Kerbal Space Program: Let’s build a Space Station!”

Kerbal Space Program: Mun or Bust!

There aren’t many games like Kerbal Space Program. It’s a game you can come back to again and again, the kind of game that on the surface looks like it should have been released about ten years ago. But Kerbal Space Program isn’t about the graphics. Nor is it about the gameplay, or end game. It’s about the experience.

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My Imaginary Human Act 1


by Gabriel & Lydia Strange-Wood

My Imaginary HumanThe universe is about to end, and an old man has decided that Emily was going to save them all. But she isn’t, “The One”.

Emily Darling is unhappy with her boring office job, the boyfriend wants her to give up everything and move to New York. Yet, Emily doesn’t know what she wants in life.

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Kindles and other E-Readers, the Greener Alternative

read-more-bookshelfE-Readers, loathed by some loved by others. There are plenty of reasons to buy an E-Reader such as the Amazon Kindle, and increasingly fewer reasons to buy physical books. This point may have books lovers up in arms, but I ask you books lovers, do you like the idea of physical books or the stories within?

Anyone can buy a book, not everyone reads them. Owning books impresses people reading a book on public transport might be a statement. There is a level of romance involved with a physical book, but his romance is costing the earth.

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My Keyboard is my Friend to the End

As a writer, the main tool I use is a keyboard, and no matter how fantastically amazing my computer or laptop is, the keyboard will affect my work. I can be very peculiar about keyboards to the point of spending a lot of money on one that works for me.

Most people seem to be happy with what they get bundled with their computer or will spend next to nothing on a keyboard. My philosophy is that it is a tool and like all professionals good quality tools can make working easier, quicker and with fewer problems. Why a writer cut costs on a keyboard is beyond me?

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Black Coffee, my best friend and worst enemy, my dark heart

dscf4247-copyBlack coffee is the dark heart and soul of a lot of writers, without it, some writers would never get any work done. Though there is a theory that coffee isn’t the best for a creative mind and a few sips of alcohol might be a better option to promote creativity. By few sips, I mean a bottle of wine or a fair whack of a gin bottle. I do this at times, and after a few glasses of red, I find my ideas are a little more daring I worry less about the small things and boldly step forwards letting the crazy out.

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Casimir Effect on Amazon

by Gabriel & Lydia Strange-Wood
Casimir Effect CoverDr Alice Sharpe has a choice to make, stay with her true love and risk the collapse of the space-time Continuum, or take more drastic measures to prevent the destruction of the universe.

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